Cold Laser Treatment

Cold Laser Treatment

What is cold laser treatment?

At Smaldone Chiropractic, we  have been doing cold laser treatments for years at our New Paltz office and we are excited to share this amazing technology with our Kingston office.

Cold laser was invented over twenty years ago by European scientists to allow the body to heal with no pain involved and still very few known side effects to this day. Cold laser, at a basic level, shoots light into the body at the same frequency the cells vibrate. The reason why this amazing treatment works is because the vibration of the cells can  move waste products in and out of your body. This process is called cell exudation.  This is what allows the body to heal when injured. The cold laser simply shakes the cells by shooting light into the cells at the same frequency it vibrates at, causing it to push more fluid in and out of it. Hence, promoting healing of the body in such injuries as: general muscle pains, ligaments, burns, carpal tunnel, and even fractures. Cold laser is an FDA approved procedure. Most treatment protocols call for a regiment of anywhere between 8-14 treatments.

Treatment of carpal tunnel in our Kingston office is probably one of our biggest influx of new patients. A regiment of cold laser , specific myofascial release , and ice therapy usually greatly decrease most patients signs and symptoms.